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6 March 2013

Updated the links section with a new Marine Bot mirror site which can be found at http://marinebot.xf.cz/.

18 December 2009

Added updated waypoint pack to files section.
Here are the details:

Updated the support section accordingly.

28 November 2005

Site improvements. Added FAQ into the support section and extended the info section.

27 November 2005

WasterBot alpha3 version is available from the files section together with the alpha3 source codes. As usual, completely uninstall the previous version and then install this one. Step by step installation manual is in the support section.
The changes are:

Have fun with the new alpha.

26 November 2005

I've been working on waypoints for tw_plague today. The waypoints seem to be finished. I've also improved the navigation and sound detection a bit. I'm going to test all of that during tomorrow and if everything goes fine I'll release another alpha version. Oh and just for your info I had no luck with the zoom issue yet :(.

22 November 2005

I've been bit busy lately, but I did some little things on the bot. Here they are. I've improved the bot names with a male and female names based on the skin. Which means that bots using a male skin will pick from male names and bots using female skin will pick female names. I was also messing with the sniper weapon usage. I was hoping to learn the bot to use the zoom. I tried the same technique I used in my other bot, but I end up in a situation where the bot tries to zoom, but it doesn't work for him. I'll try to write some better debugging for this case and we'll see if the zoom is a possible thing for bots in TheWastes or not.

15 November 2005

I heard of some misunderstanding about creating waypoints for the WasterBot. The waypointing is fully built-in feature. Also the waypointing system WasterBot uses is fully compatible with the default HPB bot waypoints. So if you used a HPB bot or its modification or clone in TheWastes and you still have waypoints for the maps then there's quite a big chance that the waypoints will work well even with the WasterBot. As for the waypointing itself. I already said it's a built-in feature so you just start the game on a map you're about to waypoint and then you can use the waypointing commands - consult the support section for details. If you have any questions or problems you can always reach me on my email. BTW the waypointing manual has been added two days back as I announced in the news from 13 November ;).

14 November 2005

WasterBot alpha2 version is available from the files section together with the alpha2 source codes. So even Linux users (server admins) can try their luck and compile the alpha2 version. As for the installation.

  1. completely uninstall the alpha1 version (consult the support section if you need help with it)
  2. download the alpha2 version from files section
  3. install it (yet again consult the support section if you need help with it)
  4. you should be able to run the game with WasterBot alpha2 now

There aren't many changes in alpha2, but for those who are interested:

Known bugs:

I hope you'll enjoy the new alpha. Stay tuned.

13 November 2005

Added a waypointing manual into the support section. Some of the info there is not true for the alpha1. I already prepared it for the next alpha version. I've improved the navigation abit, updated/fixed the waypoints and mainly I've improved the Dedicated Server support. You can await the new alpha version some time during the next couple of days, because I still need to do some basic testing of the new features.

12 November 2005

Improved the general layout a bit. Added a menu to the left side of the site with a few options so things are a bit more organized here. The download link is now available inside the files section of the left hand menu. Also added two additional files for TheWastes mod itself. Both are my own hacks :). The first one is a steam background for the wastes and the second one is a sound patch. You know some of the sounds are missing so I added them :).

9 November 2005

The whole site launched with the very early alpha version of the bot, WasterBot alpha1.

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