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Install instructions

Follow these steps exactly the way they are written here in order to install the bot correctly.

  1. unzip the archive into your ...\half-life\thewastes folder
  2. run the ...\half-life\thewastes\liblist_install_bot.exe
  3. that's all, run the game and a few bots will join you

Uninstall instructions

Follow these steps exactly the way they are written here in order to uninstall the bot correctly.

  1. erase the whole waster_bot folder inside your ...\half-life\thewastes folder
  2. run the ...\half-life\thewastes\liblist_uninstall_bot.exe
  3. erase both ...\half-life\thewastes\liblist_install_bot.exe and ...\half-life\thewastes\liblist_uninstall_bot.exe files
  4. that's all

Supported maps

Well the bot can be used on any map, but with "supported" I mean maps that have waypoints ie. maps the bot can play with some sort of wisdom. You know where the bot won't just blindly roam, but where he will try to visit important locations like weapon spawn locations, places where you usually meet others and so on.

Waypointing instructions (ie. how you can make a unsupported map a supported one)

What are the waypoints for?

The bot is using waypoints to navigate through the map. Waypoint is a location in the map (in the 3d space), which the bot will use when navigating. The bot has no eyes so the waypoint will tell him that this location is a walkable space and not a solid wall. The most simple description of a waypoint is that it is a 'hint', which guides the bot.
When editing waypoints, you can see the waypoints drawn with a blue beam. Some special waypoints are displayed in other colors. Waypoints are being stored as a 'mapname.wpt' file in your WasterBot waypoints folder (ie. waster_bot\waypoints). As a addition to the waypoints there are waypoint paths. The path is a one-way connections between two waypoints and it tells the bot that there's a clear way between those two waypoints. Waypoint paths are being stored in 'mapname.wp1'. The number at the end means the team in team based mods. There are no teams in TheWastes so there will always be only '.wp1' files. Unlike the waypoints the path files aren't necessary. They will be calculated automatically when the waypoints get loaded if they are not present. So you don't have to worry about the '.wp1' files at all.

All available waypointing console commands:

waypoint onshows the waypoints (displays them using a colored beams)
waypoint offhides the waypoints
waypoint addadds a waypoint to your location
waypoint deletedeletes a waypoint you're standing by
waypoint movemoves/repositions close waypoint to your location (you have to be quite close to a waypoint)
waypoint checkchecks the waypoints for errors and prints found bugs into the console
waypoint check showchecks the waypoints for errors and highlights them (the problem waypoint or path will be drawn by a red color)
waypoint menuallows you to change properties of the waypoint you're standing by
waypoint infodisplays number and properties (if available) of the waypoint you're standing by
waypoint savesaves the waypoints in a file on your hard drive
waypoint loadloads the waypoints from a file on your hard drive (if it exists), normally you don't need this command at all, because the waypoints are loaded automatically as the map is loaded

autowaypoint onautomatically adds waypoints as you walk
autowaypoint offdisables autowaypointing
autowaypoint distanceallows you to set the distance between waypoints

pathwaypoint onshows the waypoint paths (displays vertical lines between waypoints)
pathwaypoint offhides the waypoint paths
pathwaypoint autopathtoggles between automatic pathwaypointing (automatically connects the added waypoint to all surrounding reachable waypoints and vice versa) and manual pathwaypointing (see commands bellow), automatic pathwaypointing is enabled by default
pathwaypoint startstarts a new path on the waypoint you're standing by
pathwaypoint stopends the path on the waypoint you're standing by
pathwaypoint delete1sets the starting position for a path deletion
pathwaypoint delete2sets the ending position for a path deletion and deletes the path

Special waypoints:

You can assign a special tag/flag/properties to any waypoint. All you need to do is get close to the waypoint you want to make special and use 'waypoint menu' command. A menu will appear by the left side of your screen with the following options:
  1. Jump
  2. Wait for Lift
  3. Door
  4. Sniper Spot
  5. More...
  1. Goal/Important
  2. nothing yet, could be used in future, invisible menu slot
  3. nothing yet, could be used in future, invisible menu slot
  4. nothing yet, could be used in future, invisible menu slot

Okay I know the commands now. What do I have to do to start the waypointing?

The only thing you should do is kick all the bots of the game. The bots may behave strange and/or even crash the game. So type this command 'kickbot' into the console. And then use the 'waypoint on' and 'pathwaypoint on' commands.

So how do I add a new waypoint?

Just type the 'waypoint add' command and a new waypoint will appear at your position.

I see orange, yellow, green and other color beams instead of the blue beam waypoints. What they are for?

These are the special waypoint types mentioned above. They tell the bot to do some kind of a action there. Or they inform the bot that there's something he would like to have/do there. See the 'special waypoints' section for more info.

I placed a waypoint close to a weapon/ammo and it turned orange. Is that normal?

Yes, that's a common weapon/ammo auto detection. The waypoint will be taken as a main goal for the bots. Which means that the bots will seek these waypoints every once in a while and they will try to get to such waypoints.

I used the 'pathwaypoint on' command, but I don't see any paths. What's wrong?

You have to be close to a waypoint in order to see the paths. Once you're standing close enough all the paths leading from the waypoint will appear. Notice that I used the word 'from'. It's because all the paths are one-way connections so when you're standing by a waypoint you see only the paths the bot can use to get away from this waypoint. You don't see the paths the bot can use to get to/reach this waypoint. What I just wrote is very important thing. Read it again if you didn't get the meaning.

I see some of the paths are red instead of white. What does this mean?

You must have turned the 'waypoint check show' feature on. And the fact that some of the paths are red means that they are too "long" ie. the waypoints such paths connect are too far from each other. The path system won't use these paths and they are reported as a error during the path creation process. So you should just delete such paths since as I said they won't be used.

I don't like certain path. Can I get rid of it?

Yes of course. You can use the 'pathwaypoint delete1' and 'pathwaypoint delete2' commands to erase any path you don't like. Get close to a waypoint where the path starts and type the first command. Then get close to a waypoint where the path ends and use the second command. The path will be erased. You can return back to the first waypoint and check that the path really disappeared if you want :).

I deleted the path from the 1st waypoint to the 2nd waypoint, but if I stay by the 2nd waypoint I can still see the path back to the 1st waypoint. What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. That is because of the fact that all the paths are one-way connection from point A to point B. You'll have to swap the waypoints in order to delete also the path from point B to point A. Which means you will have to use the 'pathwaypoint delete1' on the 2nd waypoint (point B) and then use the 'pathwaypoint delete2' on the 1st waypoint (point A).
Tip: If you want to delete all outgoing paths from a waypoint you don't have to always set the 'pathwaypoint delete1' command (ie. specify the point A). The system will remember it so all you need to do is visit all other waypoints (ie. all B points) and use the 'pathwaypoint delete2' command there.

And what have to I do to add a new path?

Use the 'pathwaypoint start' command while standing by the 1st waypoint (point A). Then get to the 2nd waypoint (point B) and use the 'pathwaypoint stop' command there. You've just connected the point A with a point B. If you want to connect the point B to point A you'll have to swap the waypoints.
Tip: You don't have to always set the point A with the 'pathwaypoint start' command if you want to connect that waypoint with more than one other waypoints. The system will remember it and you can only visit all the point B waypoints and use the 'pathwaypoint stop' command there.

Has the 'pathwaypoint autopath' command any real use?

Yes this command does switch between the automatic path creation (a newly added waypoint is connected to all reachable waypoints and all the reachable waypoints are connected to the new waypoint) and the manual path creation (newly added waypoint is left alone and it's up to you which waypoints you connect with this waypoint). The default setting is automatic path creation, but in certain situations you might want to switch to the manual path creation. A good example of such situation is when you need to waypoint doors or ladder. You should switch to the manual path creation in this situation. Because the automatic path creation can easily connect waypoints you don't want to be connected like a waypoint on top of the ladder with all the waypoints down the ladder, which may lead to a situation where lots of the bots will just fall off the ladder and lose alot of health or die.

I created some waypoints. Can you include them in the WasterBot archive?

Well, if they are of a decent quality then I'll be happy to include them into the WasterBot archives. Just email me the waypoints and we'll see ;).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does FAQ mean?

It's an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there any in-game help?

Yes, access it by opening the console and entering 'help' or '?' (no quotation marks).

When I start a game with Waster Bot I get the message 'Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from...'. Whatís wrong?

This error occurs when HL canít find the correct WB files, usually due to problems with your 'liblist.gam' file. Make sure you have Waster Bot properly installed. See the Ďreadme.txtí file for details on how to do this.

Why does Half-Life crash when I use the 'waypoint save' command to save my waypoints?

Sorry that you lost your work, but you don't have Waster Bot properly installed. This error will result if there is no waster_bot/waypoints folder, which should be created during a correct installation.

While the map is loading, I get an error along the lines of 'NULL entity ...', but the game still loads, and certain gameplay features donít work. How can I fix this?

If you are using TheWastes 1.4 this shouldn't happen. If this does happen please let us know using the contact information below. If you are using any other version then do the same, but we can't promise that we can do anything about it, because our programmers only use the latest full version of TheWastes (currently 1.4).

How do I add bots into my game?

Can I arrange it so that bots automatically join the game instead of having to add them one by one?

Bots appear to be stuck, moving blindly between corners. They donít seem to be able to find their way around the map at all, why is this?

Can I change the names the bots use ingame?

Yes, in the 'bot_names.txt' file. Be sure to add the name into right section. There are only two sections 'male' and 'female'. The name has to be between the section header (ie. 'male' or 'female') and its end mark (ie. 'male-end' or 'female-end') otherwise things won't work.

Can I change the gear the bots use ingame?

No, the bot uses the random option when he's spawning into the game.

Who made Waster Bot?

See the Ďreadme.txtí file for a full list of contributors and credits.

How can I help develop Waster Bot?

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, or find any problems that aren't already addressed in this FAQ, you can contact us by any of these methods (in order of our preference):
Email Frank McNeil at wasterbot@centrum.cz
Note: Please remember to include all details of TheWastes, Half-Life, Steam and Waster Bot versions. The more information you give us on your problem, the easier it will be for us to help you.

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